Making A Referral

The IMPACT Project, Inc. only accepts referrals for placement from the county based agencies with whom we are contracted. Of the 67 counties in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, IMPACT currently contracts with approximately 32 of them as well as the State of Delaware. That number varies slightly from year to year but tends to hold steady with 30 counties being the average.

Referrals are sent from contracted counties to IMPACT on children who have either been adjudicated dependent through The Offices of Children and Youth Services/Children, Youth and Families or on children who have been adjudicated delinquent through the Offices of Juvenile Probation. Children who don’t meet the aforementioned criteria or who have “aged out of the system” and are currently under the auspices of the adult system would not qualify for IMPACT’s services.

IMPACT takes great pride in the amount of time and effort it spends on the front end of the placement process. Only in rare instances would we accept a referral for placement without conducting a thorough assessment and face to face interview of the prospective client. We believe in maximizing every child’s chances for success by spending as much time as possible with them prior to their admission. Our goal is to provide these children with stability. IMPACT’s model minimizes the probability of a failed placement and the irreparable damage that accompanies traumatic move after move while simultaneously increasing a child’s chances for successful life outcomes. This is why (in part) our contracted county radius is limited as in order to adhere to our beliefs of best practices, we simply do not possess the resources to spend large amounts of time in the far western areas of the Commonwealth.

Once a referral is received, the entire case file is reviewed. Then our Vice President of Placement Services will make it a point to travel to wherever the potential client is located in order to conduct a thorough assessment/interview. As a result, we can then best determine whether or not potential clients are appropriate for our community based specialized foster care programs. It also gives us the luxury of being able to match them with a foster family who will best meet their personal, social, cultural, academic, vocational and psychological needs.

If you would like to make a referral of a child whom you believe would benefit from any one of the IMPACT Project’s Specialized Foster Care Programs, please contact our Executive Vice President; Mr. Thomas Mantore, at any of the following:

Office Phone 610-965-5599
Fax 610-965-8281 


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